In its latest ‘Global Travel Intentions Study’, Visa found that travellers in the Asia Pacific are likely to spend fewer days at a destination (an average of eight days) than those from any other region. Just 35% of Asia Pacific travellers stay at a destination for seven or more nights, below the global average of 48%. It also appears that longer stays (seven or more nights) are most popular with affluent travellers (54%), while short breaks (one to two nights) are more popular with first-time travellers (11%). In terms of accommodation, in Asia Pacific, hotels and resorts (82%) are by far the most popular choice, followed by hostels/guest houses/chalets/B&Bs (18%) and staying with friends and relatives (12%). Get the full story at Travel Daily Asia and Visa (PDF 9.2 MB) Read also "From Shanghai to Sydney, tourists think twice about Paris trip" at Reuters