Jay Patel, chairman of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association ,encouraged hoteliers to push back on OTAs and their commissions. His company doesn’t have contracts with OTAs, and he said others should consider eliminating some contracts. The OTAs were originally there to sell excess inventory, he said, but occupancy has improved. “OTAs are impacting the bottom line,” he said. “In Europe, it seems rate parity is going away. It would be great to consider not giving OTAs last-room availability.” There is competition coming for OTAs, according to some speakers. David Pepper, chief development officer for Choice Hotels International, said on Day Two he believes Google’s and Amazon’s entrances into booking channels could both tame the current OTA model and suck up their profits. Amazon has since announced it would no longer book hotel reservations through its Amazon Destinations. “They see the threat of Google,” Pepper said. “That’s why they are consolidating. (Google) can really eat the OTAs’ lunch.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now