The fee of roughly $10 per booking on all sales through GDSs is set to take effect Nov. 1. While that’s less than the $18 surcharge imposed more than a year ago by Lufthansa and its partner airlines on such bookings, the fact that it’s coming from a big player like IAG is stoking fears that more large airlines will soon follow suit. In a letter announcing the change to British travel agents, IAG admitted that the fee “represents significant change for your business.” But it said that the fee is intended to cover the added expense of selling services through GDSs. IAG also referred to the development of IATA’s New Distribution Capability, or NDC, which is laying the foundation for airlines to sell ancillary services to agents. As part of this evolution, IAG said it would soon be rolling out a new booking portal for travel agencies and other sellers. That wasn’t enough to sway agency groups and others concerned about the impact on business if they’re forced to pass along an added charge to their clients. Get the full story at Travel Market Report Read also "BA to impose GDS booking fee"