Book-direct campaigns came into the spotlight earlier this year after ASTA entered into discussions with Marriott over its marketing practices. As a result, Marriott removed a video from its #itpaystobookdirect campaign — which offered perks for Marriott Rewards members who booked at the company’s website — that ASTA said offended travel agents. After that, Michels said, a member brought Hilton’s book-direct campaign to its attention and reached out to the company. Hilton suggested a meeting that would also discuss ASTA’s relationship with Hilton, which is not currently an allied member of the society, Michels said. The initial meeting had to be rescheduled, though the parties still intend to meet. Andrew Flack, vice president of customer insights and global marketing for Hilton Worldwide, has said that Hilton would not comment on discussions with partners, either current or prospective, but the company finds travel agents to be “an important part of our business.” Hilton declined further comment this week. Get the full story at Travel Weekly