For starters, it’s a convenient way for business travelers to offset some of their personal travel costs. By combining the two trips, it’s also a more efficient use of their time, as they won’t have to waste a precious paid day off getting to the airport and taking a flight somewhere. And by spending more time on the ground recovering from jetlag and having a couple days to recharge their batteries, it’s also an effective cure for travel burnout. What do all these perks add up to? Happier employees. And happier employees mean they’ll be more productive employees when they do return to the office. Not only that, but when company leaders demonstrate how much they value their travelers’ well-being and work-life balance, employees will be inclined to do a better job and also stay put in that job. Speaking about the company’s flexible bleisure policy also can be compelling bait when luring new recruits, especially if the firm does not have the most generous vacation policy for fresh hires. Get the full story at American Express Global Business Travel