We’re all used to calling hotel reception when we need a couple of towels or to order room service. Typically it’s a human who knocks on the door a few minutes later. But not at two hotels in Singapore, where the Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway and the Hotel Jen Tanglin have employed robots, Jeno and Jena, to cater to their guests’ needs. The robots are just under a metre tall and are dressed in the Hotel Jen’s brand colours of turquoise and pink, with a cute tuxedo effect on their casings. Each can carry up to 4.5 kg, and they move 2.5 km/h, around half the speed of a person walking. Advanced sensors enable them to manoeuvre around objects, connect to Wi-Fi to call a guest’s room when they’re about to make a delivery, and then return to a docking station to recharge ahead of their next job. Cetin Sekercioglu, executive vice president of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, described Jemo and Jena as “new colleagues” and “great team players in getting important things done well.” Get the full story at CMO by Adobe