Looking for expert advice and practical tips, SiteMinder’s Dean Elphick spoke to Justin Steele of China Ready Now. Justin’s company specialises in helping hospitality businesses make themselves ready to attract and accept Chinese tourists. There’s a strong distinction between western and Chinese travellers – and Justin says there are two main factors hotels must address when communicating to the Chinese market. “The most important difference is language ability as most Chinese travellers are not as confident with their English. This means almost all pre-travel research will be done in Chinese, on Chinese OTAs and social media, especially WeChat. What very few hotels pay attention to is after their trip they will be leaving reviews on the same places. These online reviews can have a huge impact on a hotel’s reputation." “The second difference is that there is no such thing as the single ‘Chinese tourist’. Chinese travellers are increasingly diverse in their incomes, budgets, ages, hometowns, interests, and travel motivations.” Get the full story at SiteMinder