By devising a smart social media strategy, you can stand out from the many generic hotels represented online, and you’ll represent your brand as different from the competition through your technological competency. From Twitter to Snapchat, it’s time to redefine how hotels advertise their presence. To grab the millennial set, you’re going to have to shift from a basic social media presence, where your hotel has a Facebook and maybe a Twitter account, to a strategy that embraces all of the popular platforms. If you aren’t using Snapchat and Instagram, it’s time to give them a whirl. For many younger travelers, Facebook is almost passé–their parents might look up your Facebook page, but they want to see your latest Vine or Snap. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry about the learning curve, but try introducing your new channels during the off-season so that you have time to figure out the interface before peak travel planning begins. Get the full story at AdWeek