Internet-savvy Aussie travellers are booking their overseas flights online more than ever before, a study by an online travel company has found.

Statistics from the July to September 2006 report found the use of e-tickets - tickets that are stored electronically rather than being printed on paper - has risen 26 per cent in the past 12 months.

Fifty-four per cent of Aussies booked their international flights online during the quarter, up from 28 per cent the same time last year. Only two per cent of international tickets were issued as e-tickets in Australia in the corresponding period in 2004. general manager Peter Smith said Australian travellers were finally moving away from paper tickets, a trend identified in last year's report as being "stubbornly hard to budge". "We have to budge because there's still a call by IATA (International Air Transport Association) that we are supposed to be fully, 100 per cent e-ticketed by the end of 2007," he said.

Aussies were also booking their flights well in advance, with 60 per cent of flights purchased a month or more before travel - jumping 16 per cent from last year. Most Australians (25 per cent) booked their holidays between one and two months before their big adventure.

Hotel reservations were also being booked ahead, with 48 per cent of travellers booking a month or more before - up 19 per cent.