Based on the latest market forecasts, more and more mobile hotel research and booking will occur on smartphones in 2015. Partnering with HotelTonight enables hotels to make real-time ARI (Availability, Rates & Inventory) updates and receive bookings generated via HotelTonight application through Availpro Smart Channel Manager directly into their property management systems. The seamless integration allows more than 4,500 hotels using Availpro Smart Channel Manager to be one of the very few in the world to have 2 ways direct access to the most popular last-minute booking channel HotelTonight. "Needless to say that majority of last minute hotel bookings will be made on mobile platforms in 2015. This 2 ways connection with HotelTonight is exceptionally exciting for our hotel clients, as they can now easily set-up a mobile strategy for their property. It is a great opportunity to increase their visibility and sell their inventory in the best conditions. This partnership underscores our commitment to deliver innovative booking channels and develop a balanced and relevant distribution mix." Eric Peyrard, COO, Availpro. HotelTonight will be able to gain access to a broader hotel pool and to more inventory for each hotel, improve booking conversion and increase revenues as part of its growth plans across Europe. "We are incredibly pleased to add AvailPro to the list of channel managers we are now connected to. Through AvailPro’s strong network of customers in Europe, particularly in France, we will be able to work even more closely with our existing partners while also gaining additional exposure to new hotels and extending our offering even further." Jared Simon, COO, HotelTonight. Related Link: AvailPro