With six offices already operating in Europe (United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and France), Availpro continues its international growth by creating two offices in Canada. Indeed, more and more Canadian hoteliers are looking at using an innovative technological solution to grow their business. These offices enable Availpro to be closer to customers and better understand the local markets. "Canadian hoteliers and chains now require latest generation e-booking solutions at a competitive price. The Availpro success, has spilled to North America and have already attracted the attention of several Canadian hoteliers. We really want to serve this market with the quality and reactivity it deserves," said Eric Peyrard, Chief Operation Officer (COO). Two specialists to serve this market Availpro relies on Nadia and Pierre Letellier Gagnon, two Web sales specialists in the hospitality industry to serve this market. They both have a huge experience working in marketing department, managing channel distribution and doing international sales for over ten years. Dedicated people and very well known by hoteliers in Quebec, Pierre and Nadia, brings their expertise to Availpro in order to develop the Canadian market and to help hoteliers increase their on-line sales. Related Link: AvailPro