On 10th October, Availpro unveiled a sneak preview of its new rate optimisation product on its Facebook page. Availpro RateScreenerTM is a brand new solution that adds to the range of functionalities that the developer already offers its hotel users. With RateScreenerTM, Availpro is the only solution that allows hotel owners to monitor their competitors' rates from within their own central distribution schedule (which manages the Channel Manager and Availpro booking engines). RateScreener will be officially launched at a conference for Hotel Owners and the press on 25th October at the Crowne Plaza Saint James in London. Those who wish to attend may register by clicking here (limited places available). Availpro RateScreenerTM helps hotel owners to increase their revenue RateScreener is primarily designed to help hotel owners identify opportunities to increase their rates, by analysing the competition. This new tool offers a range of information, including rates applied by selected competitor hotels, details of rates advertised on different portals and GDSs, and rate parity monitoring capabilities. RateScreener is fully integrated into the Availpro management extranet and the hotel schedule, allowing hotel owners to make quick and easy adjustments. Availpro RateScreener: an unrivalled decision-making tool RateScreener is the first competitive intelligence tool that allows hotel owners to view their rates, inventory and competitors' rates on the same screen. The cleverly-designed graphical user interface gives users a quick and effective overview of all the data they need to make an informed decision about whether to raise or lower their rates. Because the tool is fully integrated into the Availpro schedule, hotel owners can easily make adjustments and achieve the best rate quickly and simply. With Availpro RateScreener, the developer is treading new ground and setting itself apart from the competition with a simple, instant decision-making tool. Hotel owners are now able to view all the essential information they need in one place, including their own rates, their competitors' rates, whether or not their competitors are closed on a particular date, details of sales that they have already made and their hotel's outstanding inventory. This brand new approach to hotel management is the result of a joint effort between Availpro and hotel owners. Antoine Buhl, Technical Director at Availpro, explains the origins of this application: "This application has been developed in close collaboration with our users and tested by them in real-life situations. We listened to our customers' feedback and their practical suggestions and created a tool that helps hotel owners to make informed rate decisions." Related Link: AvailPro