The criteria necessary to join the Preferred IT Partner Program certification process are business agility, the flexibility of the solution and the update speed of the management and booking platforms. Availpro effortlessly meets these requirements; this is an additional guarantee of quality, timeliness and value of its solutions to the market and to its clients. From a technical point of view, the XML connectivity to the HRS stream with Smart Channel Manager enables fast updating and with real-time prices and availability on the portals of the HRS GROUP and through a single access interface. Availpro is proud to display a triple certification alongside the 3 largest OTA carriers, Expedia, and now HRS GROUP. This further strengthens the dominant position of Availpro on the e-booking solutions for independent hotels, chains, hotel groups and hotel residences market. "AWe are very pleased to have once again received the Preferred IT Partner certification label by an international leader in online distribution. The HRS GROUP is a key partner for hoteliers and we are proud that our close collaboration has paid off again in achieving the ultimate goal of meeting the requirements of our customers", says Philippe Lamarche, President of Availpro. "We permanently improve the services and solutions for our hotel partners. Availpro consistently follows these steps and continuously adapts its funtionality to the technical progress of the HRG GROUP. As a consequence, our joint customers benefit from a particularly high standard and support", concludes Aryphone Belly, Head of Distribution Partnerships at HRS GROUP. Related Link: AvailPro