In keeping with seasonal trends, hotel costs in European holiday destinations have fallen dramatically. Hotel prices in the UK have fallen across the board in October, though the change has been less pronounced than in the rest of Europe. Scotland experienced the most significant reduction in prices, with hotel rates in both Edinburgh (£106) and Glasgow (£80) falling by fifteen and twelve percent, respectively. In comparison to last month, hotel rates sank 18 percent in Barcelona (£127) and Milan (£139) , while overnight costs in cities such as Copenhagen (£123), Geneva (£219) and Amsterdam (£139) fell 15 percent. Similar reductions in price are also to be found in Brussels, where a standard double room costs £117 and therefore 11 percent less than last month. Both Budapest (£68) and Lisbon (£102) fell nine percent, and Dublin’s hotel rates dropped eleven percent to £83 per night. Get the full story at EyeForTravel