The new eMarketer report, B2B Marketing: Making the Internet Integral in a Cross-Channel World, analyzes the rapid changes occurring in what was once a quiet backwater of B2B: online marketing.

"In the B2B realm, online marketing has traditionally consisted of pulling in new prospects and pushing the brand. As a rule, today's online efforts don't supplant established marketing channels, but merely supplement them," says David Hallerman, eMarketer Senior Analyst and author of the report. "Among the more savvy B2B companies, however, that means using the Internet as the central channel for most marketing objectives."

The pivotal objectives for business marketers are also their core challenges — generating leads, building the brand and measuring effectiveness.

"Whether the target audiences are consumers or businesspeople, marketing is marketing," says Mr. Hallerman. "The key differences between consumer marketing and B2B marketing are that business targets are harder to segment, they typically need far more details about a company's products or services prior to purchase and they usually take a longer time to reach a purchasing decision. Another key difference is that far more B2B purchases are finalized offline. "

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