Via iMediaConnection, eMarketer has published an excellent article on BtoB buyer's search behavior and future trends for BtoB search marketing.

Some very interesting findings from several surveys and studies regarding trends in BtoB online marketing:

"A study conducted by Enquiro and MarketingSherpa called, '“The Role of Search in Business to Business Buying Decisions'” found that 63.9 percent of BtoB internet users would go first to a search engine before other online destinations to find out more about a product or service."

"With the significant preferences for organic listings among BtoB buyers, it behooves marketers to develop robust SEO programs. However, a research study by Oneupweb found that 46 percent of BtoB Magazine'’s top 100 advertisers “showed only nominal search engine optimization or ignored it all together. "

There's a significant opportunity for BtoB companies to engage in organic search engine optimization as part of their overall marketing programs. BtoB customers are using search more than ever and only a small number of BtoB companies are making sure their sites are optimized.

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