Their trademarks include perpetual youth, immediate gratification, plenty of disposable income, time deprivation and, for the hospitality industry, a need for the best deals. But beyond all of these, the Baby Boomer generation is looking for consistent delivery of a unique experience, according to Clay Dickinson , VP of global travel and hospitality for EDS.

Dickinson, Tom O’Toole, SVP, strategy and systems for Global Hyatt Corporation and Neale Redington, national managing partner, Hospitality and Leisure for Deloitte Touche, LLP, shared the panel in a breakout session on how to market to this very distinctive demographic at the sixth annual (Americas Lodging Investment Summit) ALIS conference this week.

Unlike their grandfathers and fathers, baby boomers navigate the ever-changing waters of the Internet, surfing for the best deals and values and they have no hesitation about paying for luxury, expertise and convenience. That attitude has spawned a marketing movement among brands like Global Hyatt and others unlike anything the industry has seen.

“We have adopted digital media and our marketing strategies have evolved from mass marketing to targeted marketing and ultimately to digital marketing,” O’Toole said.

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