They had never heard the term, but Tristan Uecker and her husband, Christopher Vuchetich, went on a babymoon last month.

The Seattle couple spent two nights at the Rosario Resort & Spa on Orcas Island, where instead of champagne and caviar upon arrival, they enjoyed sparkling cider and cookies. They also received a baby gift and two massages, including a prenatal version for Uecker.

It was all part of a new package the resort has offered since February.

"Our life will change forever," said Uecker, whose baby is due this month, "so we thought, 'Let's do this now.' I had no idea something like that existed."

Before the exhausting cycle of round-the-clock feedings and 12 or more diaper changes per day for a totally dependent little being begins, many other couples are likewise taking trips before their twosomes become threesomes.

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