Don’t lose sight of this basic hotel need or you’ll end up with a contingent of grumpy travelers checking out in the morning – or worse, not telling the hotel directly and instead sharing a bad review to colleagues or online. Fifty-five percent of travelers said they look for reviews that specifically address sleep quality in a TripAdvisor survey and a good night’s rest impacts everyone. Although you can’t cater to everyone’s sleeping quirks, all hotels can work toward providing a restful stay. Bedding has become such a selling point for brands that some chains go as far as to sell mattress and linens for home use. That speaks volumes about how much the actual bed impacts a guest’s stay. Not all hotels can invest millions in sleep research or upgrade all their rooms to high-end linens, but every property should strive to offer a bed and pillows that offer support. Pillow menus are a great way to offer variety for different sleeping styles without having extras stored in every room. Particularly if guests don’t have access to adjust their own thermostat, have extra blankets available as well and don’t overlook guests who may just want an extra thin sheet if the standard duvet is too warm. Get the full story at TrustYou