First, a front-desk supervisor at the Casa Monica Hotel (an Autograph Collection property) in St. Augustine, Florida, was fired for refusing to remove an American flag pin. Technically, the hotel was completely within its means for firing the obstinate employee. The employee handbook was very specific about its uniform policy, and wearing pins of any type were forbidden. You can think what you want, but what Marriott might have overlooked in making this decision was all the negative press it was going to receive as a result. The employee in question was interviewed multiple times, appeared on television and in most major news outlets, and his story forever lives on the Internet for all to see. Will the Casa Monica lose demand over this incident? Certainly not over the long-term, but they are spending some money right now trying to put a positive spin on things. The second incident was out of Marriott's control, but they still got a bloody nose. In Providence, Rhode Island, a man identifying himself as "Joey" videoed himself quitting from his job at the Renaissance Providence Hotel. The catch is, he brought along with him an entire marching band that played with great gusto after Joey told his clearly irate boss, “I quit.” Get the full story at