A survey of China's on-line search market shows that Nasdaq-listed Baidu has reinforced its dominance in China with an increase of more than 10 percent in market share in one year.

A report in Tuesday's China Youth Daily said the survey showed the market share of Baidu had risen sharply over the past year to 62.1 percent, leaving main rival Google far behind at 25.3 percent.

Compared with a similar survey last year, Baidu's market share in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou had increased 13 to 14 percentage points, the survey said.

However, the report also cited a research finding that Baidu seemed to be more popular with students, while Google was favored by China's white-collar classes.

The report said students and Internet users below the age of 23 accounted for 52.7 percent of Baidu users and company staff with higher education made up 48.5 percent of Google users.

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