The days you’d call a hotel to make a reservation are nearly as long gone as the rotary phone, and not many regret that passing. With all kinds of technology at one’s fingertips, it makes a lot of sense to bypass human contact. Digital is evermore the way, for the guest and the hotel. Still, the human touch is welcome, particularly once the guest arrives at the property. Being able to connect with someone if and when automation doesn’t quite deliver or you have a question is always good. And when it comes to hotel service and sales contracts, closing the deal isn’t something you can do at the push of a button or the swipe of a card. At the same time, for companies servicing hotels, automation makes business sense. Take service contracts. Historically, selling these forced companies to rely on a team to sell and market their services and take care of people. That could lead to a kind of laziness, as those salespeople relied on the low-hanging fruit because it was easier and cheaper. Most of the time, they didn't go to the hotelier directly, but instead went to management companies or brands to make the most impact. They don’t have to do that anymore. Get the full story at Hotel News Now