Vayama today launched publicly as the industry's only dedicated international travel web site that allows consumers to search from the largest selection of international airlines, flights and fares, many never previously available online, to find the best prices and most schedule options for all international travel.

International travelers will also enjoy the fast and easy flight search features on Vayama thanks to an interactive world map and innovative 3-D seat maps.

"If you look at the world of online travel, most Americans are comfortable booking their own domestic trips, but international travel remained a complicated puzzle that has now been solved, " said Andre Hesselink and Wim Butte, co-CEOs of Vayama. "That's why Vayama was built; we are 100% focused on international travel in order to give Americans the best fares available with access to the most flight and fare options to 191 countries and airlines and routes that they never knew existed."

With Vayama, international travelers will be able to book specific fare and route combinations that have never been easy to book online before such as Iberia from New York to Rome, China Eastern from Los Angeles to Ho Chi Minh or Hawaiian Airlines from San Francisco to Sydney. For further cost-savings and convenience, Vayama also allows international travelers to book flights to other cities and countries beyond their original destination.

"Forrester research reveals that seven out of 10 international travelers are poised to book more online if given an easier way to plan," adds Hesselink. "In addition to providing travelers with more international airfare options, Vayama harnesses the latest in online technologies to make booking international travel simple and fun by using an interactive map."

By incorporating powerful Ajax technology, flight comparisons on Vayama can be made in the blink of an eye and travelers can narrow search results in real-time based on personal preferences such as total travel time, connecting airports and price. In addition, Vayama's technology connects international travelers to sources that other travel web sites don't have through a combination of direct agreements with the airlines, Global Distribution Systems and consolidators.

Vayama, which means "Go, enlightened," takes away the mystery of international travel by empowering travelers with information they can trust. On, travelers can get detailed insight about every aspect of their trip: airline factoids such as fleet size and age; ground transportation (from airport, within city, to other parts of the country); health, visa and safety information; detailed city maps; and travel blogs with personal insight from other travelers.

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