There are four types of visitors to Hotel and DMO web sites that each needs to be managed differently. The goal is to win the business by identifying, planning for, marketing to and providing content mapping for these 4 types on your web site and in your online media.

Many web marketers will promise you huge traffic, but the dirty little secret is the traffic is really unqualified. You can easily determine unqualified traffic if you see reporting evidence of many web visitors clicking to your site but leaving quickly after a cursory look at your home page. Another way to determine unqualified traffic is through opt outs in your database. If web visitors are opting in and then subsequently opting out you should examine the types of campaigns that are driving traffic and the quality of your traffic. Your ultimate goal is to book business from your web program to show results and measure return on investment to your stakeholders and board. It is essential that you measure conversion. If your traffic is not qualified your conversion numbers will be very low, showing low return on investment. We always laser-focus our marketing because the shotgun approach just does not work and gives a skewed picture for performance measurement.

Recognizing different kinds of traffic on your web site and then guiding them based on their character type is critical to winning the business. Hotels know that they need to “hook” a web visitor as quickly as possible when they are among many other brands in a third party booking engine. Brand-conscious buyers will opt for their brands of choice first, but those that are not brand-loyal will look for the most obvious promotional value first. DMOs need to recognize that these 4 types apply to the DMO site, where the web visitor is most-often in the early planning stages of their trip. When the visitor comes to your web site, they have already started down the road to decision-making and it’s your job to lead them along the way.

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