Are you getting beaten by your own name? Buying your own brands and trademarks in PPC search can be a serious strategic dilemma, particularly when that brand as a keyword ranks number one in organic search.

All search engines recognize a site with sufficient quality content may deserve two organic result slots. This may also be the case for those who put time and energy into building sites to be search-engine friendly and full of useful, relevant content.

When deciding between paid and organic, you can consider the situation as you might with real estate: more is better. Yet given a fixed budget, many marketers assume with one or two organic links, searchers will find those links and click. Those marketers prefer to allocate their search budget to generic or non-branded product/service keywords that describe either the problem solved or other relevant ideas. The thinking goes, "Better to spend money acquiring new customers who don't yet feel strongly enough about my brand to search for it by name."

Sometimes, that line of reasoning makes sense. But there are some critical issues to consider if you struggle with whether to buy your brand name in PPC search.

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