Of course, there is some leeway with defining these advertising channels, and some channels can easily fall into more than one portion of the funnel. The goal here is to better understand options when it comes to travel marketing and understand how to best allocate your budget based on both your goals and the potential return. We will explore advertising options through four distinct phases: Inspiration & Awareness, Interest & Consideration, Decision & Booking, Experiencing & Sharing. From a hotel perspective, it is also important to understand your place in the ecosystem. In general, it is not in an individual property’s interest to focus on generating a demand for a destination. Of course, there are exceptions, with obvious examples like Disney or Atlantis. However, for the vast majority of leisure hotels, your time and energy are better spent persuading visitors with a predetermined intent to travel to your destination to stay at your hotel versus selling your destination. That being said, we will discuss all opportunities that are available from a hotel perspective to help generate and nurture prospective travelers throughout the travel planning journey. Also keep in mind that one needs to carefully consider not only the channel in question, but also the ad format, the messaging, the targeting, and the landing page experience during each step of this process. Get the full story at Fuel