No one considering online marketing in today's environment can avoid the hype surrounding behavioral targeting's merits and methods. For the behavioral newbie, introductory conversations play a critical role in setting expectations both for immediate decision makers and those in the C suites. By explicitly covering some of what we take for granted, you can ensure the campaign will be read in the same light by all parties, and the program results greeted with equal enthusiasm.

Through the magic of client portals and near-real-time reporting, marketers can follow campaign results on an hourly or daily basis. Marketers launching a new or first behavioral targeting campaign may anxiously watch the first days or weeks of a campaign and fret over initial results. The nature of a behavioral program relies on audience and the learning gained over time. Use the snowball analogy to relate how building customer pool will eventually provide the campaign momentum needed to get the desired results.

Small test programs may not have enough resources or time to prove the model. For retargeting programs, you need enough site volume to make it work. That often requires demographic or contextual targeting programs in concert with behavioral to infuse the site traffic with likely behavioral targets.

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