The new feature aims to answer a key question - “How do we lay the groundwork to delight the traveler for all phases of the trip truly?” - according to TripAdvisor CEO Steve Kaufer, speaking at Skift Global Forum on Thursday in New York City. While the company’s reviews and ratings are already influential, Kaufer said, the challenge now is “how do we take it to the next level to make sure a recommendation is relevant to the individual user?” However, Kaufer added that monetizing customers remains a specialty, and an emphasis for the company. Kaufer believed that the content could scale up quickly because it is free and beneficial for content providers to participate. “The content that you’ve already produced, maybe a year ago, you can come to our platform and for free in five minutes, upload it, and give it exposure to a broader, relevant audience,” said Kaufer. “That can build the stature of your brand.” Get the full story at Skift