According to Google, the customer journey is made-up of four classic stages: - Awareness: In this aspirational stage, destinations usually play the most important role in getting potential travelers’ attention. Before choosing a trip to Bali, you must first have some awareness of its geography and place on the world map, with images or perhaps videos of pristine beaches, nightlife or other iconic landmarks of the destination. - Consideration: Once awareness is achieved, the customer may by now opt for either a golf trip or a ski trip, thus not only being aware of potential destinations, but now considering a select few countries or cities where the upcoming trip may take place. - Intent: In the next stage, the customer is going into comparison mode, looking at dates, pricing options, and further delving into logistical details: where to stay, to eat, attractions and events during specific dates considered at this point. This is perhaps the stage where booking platforms are most consulted, both offline and online, either with friends and family or through online travel agencies, social networks and various mobile applications. - Decision: The final stage is when the transaction takes place, either through the travel supplier website or other third parties part of the online travel distribution landscape. Get the full story at Frederic Gonzalo's blog