A clean list, good content and good sending practices are the way to get into your customer?s inbox, according to a panel at DM Days Conference at the Javitz Center.

During the panel titled ?Getting in the Inbox. Is it the List, the Sender or the Content?,? e-mail marketing executives discussed the best ways to avoid spam filters and get e-mail delivered. Austin Bliss, president/founder of FreshAddress Inc., moderated the panel on e-mail deliverability.

?You don?t want to look like a spammer,? Mr. Bliss said. ?Like it or not, your list probably does have some undeliverable e-mail addresses, which looks like a spammers list.?

This is due largely to the fact that 30 percent of people change their e-mail addresses every year. Inactive or incorrect addresses are just some examples of e-mail names that marketers should regularly be cleaning off of their lists.

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