Technology is helping small business owners add more and more job titles to their resumes. From accounting to Web design, entrepreneurs are collecting skills and cutting costs by managing numerous aspects of their own operations. And it’s no surprise. The entrepreneurial motto is, after all, “I can do that.”

Not only are small business owners becoming increasingly tech-savvy, but they are beginning to grasp the importance and benefits of media relations. Not so long ago, these same businesses were still considering the necessity of a Web site. The question facing them now is: Do we need to hire a PR agency?

Unfortunately, though many small businesses would like to retain a PR firm, the cost of doing so just doesn’t fit the budget. Following a path forged by word processing, business management, graphic and tax software, online press kit sites are giving small business owners the tools they need to handle their own media relations at a fraction of the cost.

Online press kits, sometimes referred to as “media rooms,” should not be confused with regular Web sites. They each serve a distinct purpose.

Whereas a Web site provides information to the public and consumers about products and services, an online press kit provides information to the media about the business/service/organization and its background.

A key component of an online press kit is its media library. This technology is what’s helping make online press kits a popular alternative to hard copy press folders, even among seasoned publicists. A media library lives online and stores press kit materials, such as press releases, digital files, video and audio files. It can be accessed from any computer with a connection to the Internet and its contents downloaded directly to the user’s hard drive.

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