A typical hotel sourcing season for computer technology company Dell ramps up in May, launches in July and wraps up right around Christmas, after four to six rounds of negotiations. This year, though, Kristina Laurel, global hotel program manager for Dell travel and expense, hopes to shorten that season with the help of tripBAM. “Year over year, I've been able to close our RFP in December, but it's always at the last minute before Christmas Eve,” she said. “This year, I really feel like I'm going to be able to breathe through the holidays, which is really nice.” Dell has been using hotel-shopping tool tripBAM for five months, conducting same-property searches, or "shops," at its preferred U.S. hotels. Now, Laurel is using the tripBAM data from those shops in conjunction with detailed information from her preferred suppliers to decide which hotel property contracts she should negotiate aggressively and in which markets she could cut back on the number of preferred properties during 2016. Get the full story at Business Travel News