There is an inherent and increasing inefficiency in the ways rooms are currently assigned – and it turns on the misuse of, or inability to use properly, the right data to match customers’ needs with the right inventory. A few years ago, room fulfillment didn’t seem to be that much of a problem, if any at all. One person spending less than an hour or so was really all it took to “balance the house,” decide who would get upgraded while making a very rough approximation of the possible impact on future arrivals. Today, with power having shifted entirely to the consumer and standards for a quality stay having risen dramatically higher, more hotels have dedicated more and more time to the problem. But solutions seem as elusive as ever. Here is a prediction: As brands and hotels continue to search for new ways to capture more direct business, keep the guest satisfied, even more power shifts in the direction of the customer, the problem will intensify – and draw even more attention. Get the full story at HospitalityPulse