The forecast, mined from Amex GBT’s proprietary data and data from third­party research sources, projects “modest increases in global travel prices,” according to vice president of consulting Caroline Strachan, who is departing Amex GBT at the end of the year. North American growth will be "healthy," while rate growth in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region will be moderate. Latin America, meanwhile, will continue to struggle amid economic instability. Hotel Rates Amex GBT projects corporate travelers in North America will pay as much as 6 percent higher for midprice and upscale hotels, as both transient and group demand increases. “Momentum from 2015’s strong rate performance is expected to carry on through 2016 as corporate travel managers continue to be challenged in negotiating aggressive discounts,” according to the forecast. “While a healthy pipeline of new construction is on the horizon, the impact from added inventory is not likely to appear until after 2016.” Increases in EMEA will be more moderate, upward of 3 percent, the largest rises coming in major cities where the weaker euro is boosting tourism demand. Corporate rates at midprice hotels in the Asia/Pacific region will increase between 1.3 percent and 3.7 percent, and upscale hotels rates will rise 1.6 percent to 4 percent. Amex GBT noted substantial rate hikes in Sydney and Tokyo, owing to strong currencies and limited hotel supply, and forecast smaller increases in India, owing to “lingering overcapacity.” Even with generally weak economies in the region, “inflationary pressures,” will boost hotel rates in Latin America. Stronger economies in the region - Peru, Colombia and Mexico, which also has a “robust manufacturing outlook and solid domestic consumption” - will see higher hotel rates. Get the full story at American Express Global Business Travel