The fact that Bing is now in the arena of building Facebook apps says quite a bit in and of itself; Bing has had a partnership with Facebook both for a level of humancuration on the Bing search engine results pages and in other social search features. The application isn’t precisely your run-of-the-mill set of gimmicks. It includes the ability to create a wish list, yes, but it also has a strong social element – with friends of the user being able to suggest new locations, add comments, and share their own wish list – and a number of promotional gateways for the Bing site itself. For example, Bing Travel images are displayed for locations, allowing users to view enticing pictures of foreign locales. Users who click on the image will be redirected to the Bing “Places” page for the area, which provides for information. Further, once users want to get going on actual trips, Bing Travel resources are linked in the app, allowing users to quickly go to the flight data, hotel booking, and other nooks of the Bing Travel site. Get the full story at the Search Engine Journal