Compared with last year, domestic airfare is expected to be down 1.4 percent overall, with tickets averaging $302, as opposed to $306 last holiday. Holiday hotel costs are staying virtually flat for three- and four-star hotels, but five-star hotels are down 8 percent from last year. Although the U.S. forecast is looking steady, international travel is predicted to be at a premium this holiday. Overall, holiday flights to Asia are averaging $1,226 — a 15 percent increase from last year's average of $1,063. Routes to Europe have also increased nearly 9 percent — from $860 in 2010 to an average of $936 this year. "Given this summer's sharp increases, it's a relief to see travel prices normalize this holiday," said Kari Dilloo of Bing Travel. "Travelers looking to stay in the U.S. should be able to find some great deals this holiday, but those people planning travel to Europe or Asia will likely face a different story unless they plan ahead." While the overall travel forecast is looking relatively merry this season, the biggest savings lie in the hands of those willing to let the destination and date dictate their holiday travel plans.