Despite lots of recent news coverage about the death of daily deal sites, people still love a great deal. The number of daily deal sites may be narrowing, but there are still over 300 sites to choose from and consumer interest shows no signs of slowing down. Comscore data reveals the deals audience grew by 24 percent in the past year, and according to a recent Bing/Impulse survey, 61% of people have increased their use of daily deals in the last six months. However, people are overloaded with deals that aren’t relevant to them and nearly a quarter of the people surveyed said they are “fatigued” by the overabundance of deals. For some, the pain in finding an attractive deal is outweighing the reward. But, people are telling us if they can end the unwelcome egg hunt, they would welcome the savings. When asked, 87% of people said they would increase their use of daily deals if they could find only deals that interest them all in one place. Get the full story at Bing Read also "Bing Makes Bid To Become Top Deals Destination" at Search Engine Land