An even smaller number of online travel agencies accept bitcoins or offer them as rewards in place of air mile and hotel loyalty program points. For both hotels and OTAs, transactions involving bitcoins are converted into local currency before they’re added to profit and loss accounts. Bitcoin use in hotels is relegated mainly to independent owners with an interest in crypto-currency and the immediate power to experiment. “Bitcoins will definitely take up more of the distribution-channel pie, mostly because they are easy to use and eliminate middle men and fees,” said Mike Abridello, owner of the 11-room Prodeo Hotel + Lounge in Buenos Aires, which accepts the currency but so far has done little business in it. “OTAs will adopt them for these reasons, and by virtue, more hotels will follow suit. Hotels started accepting PayPal only because Expedia did.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now Read also "Will luxury brands embrace Bitcoin?" at Luxury Daily