Having said that, while powerful middlemen may be blocking the road, removing them, Winding Tree's Max Izmaylov reiterates, is not the goal. Instead, it “is to enable innovation in the travel industry, which today is hindered by the ‘winner takes most’ system that we have”. Izmaylov cites the example of Uber, who many would argue has been the ultimate innovator of recent times: “Did you know that Uber's commission fee was 5% five years ago? Today it's 20-25%. Do drivers have a choice? In many locations they don't. That's what I call ‘uberisation’. The model is simple: squeeze the competition out by subsidising the service and making it cheap, then when there is no competition, raise the price. That's what Priceline and Expedia and others have already done too.” Winding Tree, on the other hand, plans to open up the data, and by creating a marketplace that is not censored and that is cheap to work with. And in this ideal world, it will be possible to advertise a service/business/property/anything on a completely decentralised platform and sell it peer-to-peer without an intermediary extorting a fee. Get the full story at EyeForTravel