Book on Google and Instant Booking have as many differences as points in common. However, this isn’t really relevant. The underlying problem in all of this is that the direct sale, much to our disliking, is getting more and more complicated every day. Therefore, we will have to get used to coexisting with Google and TripAdvisor and learn how to use them intelligently to make more money and reduce OTA dependence. The challenge will undoubtedly be (and this is what OTAs hang onto) moving sales from OTAs to the direct channel and making it profitable while still paying fees for Google Hotel Ads or Instant Booking. At Mirai we believe that this is possible but we also know that it’s not as simple as connecting your search engine and wait for the bookings to come in. They key, once again, is to have a good strategy and to implement it skilfully. Get the full story at Mirai