The Dublin-based company, which operates worldwide, won the renowned World Travel Award title in 2012 and 2013. As a result of strong voting from the global hotel industry, Bookassist picked up their third successive trophy at the Grand Final Gala Ceremony in Anguilla. “A single win might be chance, two wins mean you’re certainly doing something right, but to win the title three times in a row is unbelievable, and it means that Bookassist is now a world leading travel technology brand. “This title leaves the industry in no doubt about Bookassist’s quality. It’s an amazing feeling,” said Des O’Mahony, chief executive of Bookassist. “This record third win is a win for the company’s hotel clients who place their trust in Bookassist and also an endorsement of the whole team. “It’s an exceptionally great triumph in this fast-paced industry, considering the high ranking of fellow nominated companies, including other industry powerhouses such as Sabre and Amadeus.” The World Travel Awards carry special weight for the winning brands, which are voted by the global travel industry. “Bookassist will continue to be a highly sought after brand for hotels now that it officially ranks as the World’s Leading Booking Engine Technology Provider.” Related Link: Bookassist