is the latest brand to marry artificial intelligence with mobile, enabling its application users to receive instant booking access to a destination’s attractions and venues through a single QR code and offering personalized experiences based on previous travel preferences. The travel service’s new Booking Experiences tool is currently undergoing a pilot in Amsterdam, with functionality for other international markets set to go live later this summer. The mobile-led platform leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to predict users’ travel intent and provide a customized experience with streamlined payment options and priority queueing. “Businesses need to learn how to service thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people as individuals, not as segmented cohorts of personas,” said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. “They must also learn to be of service on the individual’s terms, by considering the individual’s explicit and implicit interests, intent preferences and more. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Read also " launches pilot for destination experiences bot"