When you book a hotel on Booking.com, the site asks whether the prospective booking is for leisure or business travel, and if you select the latter and go ahead with the booking, an invitation for a free upgrade to Booking.com for Business arrives by email. Five bookings bring access to “exclusive discounts and travel perks for future trips,” the rewards program states. Booking.com Travel Rewards members who achieve at least five bookings earn the “Genius” label, and get access to the program’s separate customer service phone line. Other perks include “late checkout priority exclusively” for Geniuses, and, at select properties, freebies such as welcome drinks and free airport shuttles. Priceline Group officials have said in the past they thought perhaps 20 percent of the hotel reservations on Booking.com came from business travelers but they only started querying consumers on the purpose of their trips, whether they are for leisure or business travel, in the last year or so. Get the full story at Skift Read also "Booking.com sees loyalty programs as a burden, not an opportunity" at Skift