The new features, which can be found on, provide enhanced control for partners and include: - Group Connect: Save time by using’s new Group Connect feature, which includes a templated guest messaging system and an automatic scheduling system, to help streamline operations. - Bulk Action Tools: Apply changes to all properties in your portfolio with just a few clicks. With’s new bulk action tools, accessible via the Group Connect page, partners can set cancellation policies or special offers across all properties, at once, including bulk cancellation policies, bulk promotions and bulk house rules. The bulk action tools also allow partners to implement’s performance advice and insights across all properties in a matter of minutes via the ‘Recommendations’ page that automatically identifies a number of actions to take to boost performance based on your unique property portfolio. - Guest Management: Control who books your property with new tools like guest requirements, which allow for set information like verified phone numbers, address details, number of past stays with partners and more. Through this new functionality, partners will now also be able to instantly report guest misconduct and block them from making future bookings in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during a guest’s stay. - Your Profile: A key part of the experience is showing consumers why staying at your property is a unique choice and setting the right expectations for their stay. The new ‘Your Profile’ page allows partners to add a personalized message about themselves, their properties and the neighborhoods where these properties are. - Connectivity: All features will be available to partners no matter how they connect to manage their portfolio of properties, whether it’s through the Extranet, mobile app Pulse, or a connectivity provider. Get the full story at