According to the analysis, the cancellations are 104% more than the direct channel ones, while they are 31% up in the case of Expedia. The relation between and Expedia is +56% in favour of the former. It’s important to note that Expedia’s cancellation varies a lot subject to the model that hotels are using. The cancellation of the Package rate is very low, less than 3% (airline rates are mostly non-refundable); the Expedia Collect (Expedia charges the client) cancellation rate is around 12% and the Hotel Collect (pay directly at the hotel) cancellation rate is close to levels at around 35%. When we compare the costs per channel, we should broaden the analysis and have a global view. Direct commission is just one of the many costs that each channel has. One that is rarely included in the analysis is cancellation costs. Get the full stroy at Mirai Read also "Cancellations shooting up: implications, costs and how to reduce them" at Mirai