, part of travel monolith Priceline Group, wants to sell you a hotel room based on what you like to do — not just where you want to go. The company has soft-launched a new feature, called Passion Search, which recommends destinations and hotels based on interests like stargazing, spicy food, gambling, or mountaineering. According to CMO Pepijn Rijvers, speaking on stage at VentureBeat’s Marketing.FWD conference, the company has “mapped 230 passions” so far based on “tens of millions of endorsements … sourced in the past 12 months.” “We’ve made it part of our core search,” said Rijvers. For now only some people will see the feature on’s homepage, a company representative told VentureBeat. Get the full story at VentureBeat Related Link: Passion Search Read also " remodels travel search with focus on consumers’ interests" at Mobile Commerce Daily