At first glance, it looks very much like as the big bully. The news certainly poses a threat to TripTease’s business model because if hotels can’t display’s data, then the product undoubtedly loses appeal. Hotels also are less likely to want to sign up for something that has legal action hanging over it. Given the uneasy, sometimes hostile, relationship between hotels and OTAs in the past, it’s perfectly believable that support for TripTease has, as chief executive Charlie Osmond puts it, been “overwhelming”. Behind the scenes, many hotels have even called for the return of rates to the widget because they felt the “threats were in poor taste,” he says. According to Osmond, feedback from its customer success team has been that hotels are saying: ‘I don't want someone else controlling what I show on my website’. However, also unsurprisingly, hotels don’t appear to want to come out in support of TripTease publicly. Get the full story at EyeForTravel and "Hotel support has been ‘overwhelming’, says TripTease ‘chief tease’" at EyeForTravel Read also " rate widget threat worked (a little bit)" at Tnooz and " threaten legal action against Triptease"