appear to be threatening legal action against Travel SaaS start-up, Triptease. Triptease are the provider of price comparison tool ‘Price Check’, allowing hotels to show a price comparison of their direct rates versus three OTAs (, and within their own booking engine. They claim it has resulted in an increase of up to 35% in direct bookings for their clients. In emails to hotel partners seen by Hotel Speak, appear to be claiming that Triptease’s tool is “unlawfully accessing’s data”, furthermore suggesting that “ price and availability information shown by the widget is often misleading, inaccurate and misrepresents the prices and availability being offered for rooms at your hotel on”. They go on to state that they’ve instructed external lawyers to pursue this matter with Triptease and imply that they are willing to take legal action against Partners who continue to feature rates within the Triptease tool beyond a cut off date of November 27th, citing potential breaches of parity agreements. Get the full story at Hotel Speak