Expedia has already added many features, including showing a quality score as well as listing amenities for each flight, like food and entertainment options, Wi-Fi availability, a map of the cabin, and more. In addition to this, Expedia announced on Wednesday it will be adding Routehappy’s Universal Product Attributes and Universal Ticket Attributes to its dashboard on all its sites, which will delve even deeper into what you’re getting for your money. Using this technology, Expedia will display an airline’s products with photos and videos from the plane cabin right in the search results. The integration of Routehappy’s ticket data will also provide important ticketing information, like an airline’s fare benefits and restrictions. (We're looking at you, basic economy.) These advancements, Routehappy said in a statement, give airlines the opportunity to “tell their product stories and provide a rich, comprehensive, and more informed shopping experience” for fliers. “We think fliers need better information when they shop, and that airlines and distributors deserve a platform to supply it,” Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy, told APEX in 2014, when its partnership with Expedia first began. Get the full story at Travel + Leisure