The reason these websites claim to have the best prices is because they slap on a ‘parity clause’ when the hotels sign up – meaning that they can’t offer cheaper prices through any other channels – even their own. The thing is, a lot of the time the hotels still do. If you call Australian hotels up, the report found you can often save around 25 per cent on the listed price. This is even more applicable if you’re booking a trip to Europe. Regulators in big tourist destinations like Germany and France have banned or softened these parity clauses, meaning hostels and hotels are free to offer cheaper prices on their own websites. If you want to stay at a particular place, it makes sense to hit them up direct. Hoteliers are also able to get around these websites restrictions by offering lower prices through reward and loyalty programs, so these are definitely worth a shout if you’re a frequent traveller. Get the full story at Techly